Persistencia (trailer)


PERSISTENCE is an observational documentary done in an almost entomological sense, whereas man, in his physical actions, becomes the observed. Filmed entirely in Antarctica, the film follows the parallel actions of a single artist, Allan Jeffs, as he moves his ephemeral art installation, Ex+Sistence, at various times and places on the island Greenwich, and the work of scientists around Ecuadorian Scientific Station, Pedro Vicente Maldonado. In the apparent nonsensical work and lack of an immediate goal, playing with the surprise and curiosity of the viewer, the sensory experience is found within the almost abstract white space of Antarctica, assuming the emptiness.

A movie by Fernando Mieles

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Original Title (Spanish): PERSISTENCIA
Title in English: PERSISTENCE
Length: 46 min
Projection Formats

Country: ECUADOR
Release Date: 2016

Synopsis: In Antarctica, Allan Jeffs prepares his installation simultaneously with a group of scientists conducting research. Without narration, interviews, or explanation; apparently meaningless actions woven through time. An essay on the persistence of the creative act. A sensory experience, a simple idea about being and doing. A visual poem made of ice, snow and wind.

Producer: Fernando Mieles
Screenplay, Direction & Photography: Fernando Mieles
Art Installation: Allan Jeffs
Editing: Enrique Río
Soundtrack: Arsenio Cadena
Post production & Image: Rodrigo Haro Chuchaquifilms
Cast Artist: Allan Jeffs

Scientists: Javier Carvajal; Fanny Friend; Abel Rosado; Carlos Rodriguez Meza
Workers and logistics from the Pedro Vicente Maldonado Ecuadorian Antarctica Station.